ElderPoint Ministries

When executive director of ElderPoint Ministries, Jane Hammond, reached out for guidance on her logo and website redesign, we were happy to help create pieces that balanced aesthetics and accessibility. Keeping the target audience in mind, the website was redesigned with functionality and ease of use at the forefront.


DeZayas Friel

From concept to launch - and the resulting 179% increase in website visitors - the fine folks at DeZayas Friel communicated what they wanted while leaving the creative design and functionality decisions to us. Stat counters, case updates, contact forms, and payment portal integration were all important aspects of their project.


Plan for Joy

Dr. Jill Kismet, CEO of Plan for Joy, had a specific vision in mind for her new financial planning company, and it was so rewarding to bring her thoughts and ideas to life. From the custom code pen confetti animations featured on the home page to the creation of coordinating design elements, this project provided a ton of space for creative muscle flexing.


Tantravaya Yoga

Combining our love for yoga and design, we created a new logo and developed a website for Tantravaya Yoga founder, Shy Sayar. Through email and phone calls only, the entire project was handled remotely.


Lakeland Now

We love Lakeland and journalism, so the opportunity to complete a few graphic design projects for Lakeland Now was an honor. Posters, a retractable banner, and a t-shirt were a few of the projects completed for this incredible, local news organization. 


The Take Heart Project

Having taken two trips to Kenya with Delta Ryan, founder of The Take Heart Project, it was truly a pleasure to capture images and create her original and the newly-redesigned website. In addition to her website, several marketing pieces were created including a funding proposal, t-shirts, and more.


Lakeland Mom

LakelandMom.com required a responsive design, ad space, and SEO - all brought to fruition through collaboration, planning, and structured implementation. The analytics data proves the significant growth of her page views and newsletter sign-ups and confirms the importance of proper planning.

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