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Beethoven v. Coldplay2018-10-31T21:17:32+00:00

Project Description

Absolutely blown away by the Radiohead v. Brahms mashup last year, we jumped on the opportunity to create marketing pieces for the 2019 Rotary Benefit Concert. Steve Hackman will return on May 9, 2019 to conduct Beethoven v. Coldplay with Lakeland’s own Imperial Symphony Orchestra. In addition to a poster, digital marketing materials for Facebook, the Imperial Symphony Orchestra, and the Old Polk Theatre were created. You can get your tickets here. (Seriously, if you live in Lakeland, get your tickets. You won’t regret it.)

A musical visionary of incomparable gifts, Steve Hackman is a daring voice leading the charge among a new generation of classical musicians intent on redefining the genre. Equally adept in classical and popular forms, his breadth of musical fluency and technique is uncanny- he is at once a composer, conductor, producer, DJ, arranger, songwriter, singer, pianist, and even rapper. Beethoven V. Coldplay transforms the Eroica into an oratorio, weaving the melodies and lyrics of Coldplay into the original Beethoven, pairing them together based on content and context.

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