Facebook Ad Optimization

May 16, 2020|

Depending on your industry, Facebook can be a competitive place to spend a portion of your digital marketing dollars. Facebook is very much a pay-to-play environment, but it’s relatively inexpensive; and Facebook’s advertising platform includes not only Facebook, but Instagram and Facebook’s “Audience Network.” A careful evaluation of your market demographic and campaign goals will help you decide if Facebook is your best option.

G Suite Pricing

February 5, 2019|

For the first time ever, Google is raising their prices for G Suite Basic and G Suite Business. Effective April 2, Basic plans will increase from $5 to $6/month and Business plans will increase from $10 to $12/month per user.

Google Maps API

August 2, 2018|

Google became the industry standard by providing website visitors the contextual information they need to find your business with embedded static or interactive maps, which is why the announcement of the Google Maps API is such a game changer.

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