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The Importance of Image Optimization

May 2, 2019|SEO Tips, Web Design|

Striking the balance between clean, crisp, high-resolution images and website load speed can be a real struggle. On one hand, large high-res images look better; but the downside of such quality is significantly slower page load speeds, which will make your users and Google take notice - and can have an impact on both user conversion and your SEO.

SEO Basics

April 15, 2019|Business, SEO Tips, Trends, Web Design|

If someone is offering you SEO advice that doesn't feel quite right - if what they're promising sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Remember, no one can guarantee any organic results. Diligence, work, and data-driven strategy are the only ways to play the long-game of SEO and improve your page rank.

Changes to G Suite Pricing

February 5, 2019|Business, Strategy, Trends|

For the first time ever, Google is raising their prices for G Suite Basic and G Suite Business. All things considered (and even though we don’t personally love the interface), we still whole-heartedly recommend G Suite as a great tool for our clients.

WooCommerce vs. Shopify

January 15, 2019|Business, eCommerce, Web Design|

*spoiler alert* When it comes to comparing eCommerce platforms, there's no clear winner. Which platform is best for YOU? Read on as we offer an unbiased comparison of WooCommerce vs Shopify, the industry's top two platforms for selling products online.

Rules of Online Engagement

November 9, 2018|Business, Social Media, Strategy|

It's a worthwhile investment for you and your business to show up with kindness, intentionality, objectivity, and compassion when engaging with others online. Here's why saying it louder might not be the best move for your business, and what you can do instead.

Gutenberg WordPress Editor

October 26, 2018|SEO Tips, Trends, Web Design|

WordPress has announced the impending arrival of a new text editor - Gutenberg - for the popular content management system. This roll-out comes after nearly a decade with few changes to their existing visual editor which uses, primarily, shortcodes and HTML.

The Enneagram for Businesses

October 18, 2018|Business, Strategy|

Armed with information about the strengths and challenges of your employees, you can show up better prepared to communicate, coach, provide feedback, develop leadership skills, build teams, resolve conflict, and drive sales. Utilizing the Enneagram for business can be helpful and constructive.

How Grammar Impacts Your Page Rank

September 15, 2018|Business, SEO Tips, Trends, Web Design|

One of the main purposes of a business website is to establish trust and credibility with your site visitors. While the direct impact of mistakes on page rank may be minimal – particularly with Google – grammatical errors, typos, and spelling mistakes don’t establish that trust in the same way that well-written copy does.


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