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Does Your Website Need a Refresh?

October 22, 2021|Digital Marketing Tips, SEO, Web Design|

Whether we are paying attention or not, seasons change, the world continues to evolve, and technology constantly changes with it. The state of your company’s website reflects the state of the company. Is your website up-to-date and accurately, effectively representing your business?

What’s the Magic in Marketing

September 16, 2021|Digital Marketing Tips, Strategy, Web Design|

It’s no secret: successful marketing is a combination of creativity and math that has the power to influence perceptions and actions. We tend to focus on the creative side of marketing, because that’s what makes us smile, laugh, think, or buy. However, as digital marketers, we must place equal emphasis on the math, or metrics, side of the equation.

Team Growth

August 9, 2021|Strategy|

Growth is a goal of every business, whether growth in products/services, clientele, or revenue. However, growing pains are a real thing in every instance. Business growth involves capacity in terms of production, skills, and time, as well as prioritizing profitable work where time = revenue. For us, that means more websites to design, more social media management, more analytics reporting, more marketing strategy consulting, and more hands on deck. 

The Value of Social Proof and Online Reviews

April 26, 2021|Digital Marketing Tips, SEO, Strategy|

Loyal customers are worth the time and effort you put into providing great customer experiences. They tend to be repeat customers, refer your company to others, and leave positive reviews and social media comments. Their kind words deliver social proof of your business’s quality and credibility.

Doing Well by Doing Good

March 26, 2021|Digital Marketing Tips, Ideas, Industry News, SEO, Strategy|

This past year has been hard. For all of us. At Metta Digital Marketing, we are grateful for the loyal clients with whom we’ve adjusted to new plans and new ways of conducting business. Continuing to work together has been mutually beneficial; we really are all in this together.

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