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The Value of Social Proof and Online Reviews

April 26, 2021|Digital Marketing Tips, SEO, Strategy|

Loyal customers are worth the time and effort you put into providing great customer experiences. They tend to be repeat customers, refer your company to others, and leave positive reviews and social media comments. Their kind words deliver social proof of your business’s quality and credibility.

Doing Well by Doing Good

March 26, 2021|Digital Marketing Tips, Ideas, Industry News, SEO, Strategy|

This past year has been hard. For all of us. At Metta Digital Marketing, we are grateful for the loyal clients with whom we’ve adjusted to new plans and new ways of conducting business. Continuing to work together has been mutually beneficial; we really are all in this together.

SEO or SEM: The Alphabet Soup of Digital Marketing

February 22, 2021|Digital Marketing Tips, SEO, Strategy|

You want to improve your company’s rankings on search engines to help grow your business. Everyone wants to be first, but what does it take to be a top listing? SEO, SEM, PPC…what’s what and what is better? SEO and SEM share the same goal — driving quality online traffic to your brand, or business. The digital marketing alphabet soup has a lot of ingredients.

Digital Marketing Trends

January 29, 2021|Digital Marketing Tips, Industry News, Strategy|

2020 not only changed our daily habits, but the chaotic year also changed the way most of us conduct business and interact as consumers. On-line sales skyrocketed, as people spent more time on social media, streaming services, and videoconferencing. Some of those changes are likely to last, as consumers embraced the convenience and ease of digital purchasing, working, and playing. Take a look at digital marketing trends to watch in 2021.

2021 Strategic Planning

December 17, 2020|Digital Marketing Tips, Ideas, Strategy|

Nine months into a pandemic we didn’t expect to last this long, we now know we’ll be starting 2021 with several more months to go. During this time, consumer behavior has changed significantly and in ways that are likely to endure. Your business has probably made shifts in operations, but have your marketing tactics and messaging kept pace? Metta Digital Marketing can help you identify and implement strategies to start the new year strong.

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