SEO or SEM: The Alphabet Soup of Digital Marketing

February 22, 2021|

You want to improve your company’s rankings on search engines to help grow your business. Everyone wants to be first, but what does it take to be a top listing? SEO, SEM, PPC…what’s what and what is better? SEO and SEM share the same goal — driving quality online traffic to your brand, or business. The digital marketing alphabet soup has a lot of ingredients.

SEO Basics

September 7, 2019|

If someone is offering you SEO advice that doesn't feel quite right - if what they're promising sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Remember, no one can guarantee any organic results. Diligence, work, and data-driven strategy are the only ways to play the long-game of SEO and improve your page rank.

What is Gutenberg

October 26, 2018|

WordPress has announced the impending arrival of a new text editor - Gutenberg - for the popular content management system. This roll-out comes after nearly a decade with few changes to their existing visual editor which uses, primarily, shortcodes and HTML.

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