What’s the Magic in Marketing

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It’s no secret: successful marketing is a combination of creativity and math that has the power to influence perceptions and actions. We tend to focus on the creative side of marketing, because that’s what makes us smile, laugh, think, or buy. However, as digital marketers, we must place equal emphasis on the math, or metrics, side of the equation.

Metrics are the measures of success for any digital marketing effort. Did new customers visit your restaurant after seeing your social media push?  How many peopled clicked “read more” on your blog post? Did more people open your email campaign this month or last month? How many people clicked on the links? Because, honestly, what’s the point of marketing if you don’t know what works for you…and more important, what reaches your target audience. 

Digital marketing analytics involves studying available data to determine the Return on Investment (ROI) of marketing outreach, including email campaigns, blog posts, performance of specific channels, and other calls to action, then identifying ways to improve successive campaigns. At Metta Digital Marketing, we provide regular analytics reports to our clients, as we constantly evaluate initiatives and adjust them accordingly. These cross channel monthly reports include social media data, email campaign performance results, Google My Business, Google Search Engine Console, and Google Analytics. Analytics reports are not just a valuable tool for your marketing strategy, but they also assist with content creation and establishing a communication plan. If a particular post or campaign performs well, we adjust the strategy accordingly based on the data. 

A key to effectively monitoring metrics and implementing changes is considering analytics for the entire marketing plan and not as stand-alone efforts. Website data alone won’t tell the full story, nor will social media “likes.” All your digital marketing efforts should work together, so your analytics data must be evaluated across all channels as part of a whole. Discovering how and where your customers learn about your business – and what causes them to convert – is important. This measurement of overall effectiveness allows stronger decision-making moving forward. 

And moving forward is the next key. The information gleaned from marketing analytics is useless unless you intentionally put it to use. The value of the data is in: 

  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of each channel
  • Adjusting campaign tactics
  • Modifying messages
  • Improving processes
  • Gaining insight to consumers
  • Creating content based on what resonates with your consumers

At Metta Digital Marketing, we gather, analyze, and report marketing analytics along with recommendations for modifying our clients’ marketing plans. Even better is when we find the strategies and messaging we’ve implemented are working as planned. Like pieces of a puzzle or cogs in a wheel, your marketing strategy is more than the individual parts. Our goal is always to find solutions that work for you.