A Season of Thanks

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As we close in on the end of another year, thoughts turn to thankfulness and the gifts we’ve received this year. Pandemic or not, Metta Digital Marketing has a lot to be grateful for:

First and foremost, our clients, whose continued partnership and support have helped us grow, as we have expanded their reach and business. We also appreciate our clients’ referrals to their friends and co-workers. For a small agency, those referrals enable us to connect with other great people and often become a win-win for those businesses and us. 

We appreciate our team and the synergy we’ve created together. From strategy and design to content and implementation, we’re working hard to make client businesses succeed. While all Metta Digital Marketing clients work directly with Amy, a small group of support people help with nuts and bolts, so she has the time to focus on each client’s unique needs. And we laugh a lot. 

Coffee shops are critical, and we are grateful for the abundance Lakeland offers, each providing a unique vibe. Need a referral for your next coffee break? Just ask. Maybe we can meet you there.

We are thankful for a return to travel and strong internet. We’ve been able to work on the road, while exploring some new destinations and grabbing great photos, and we appreciate what we’ve learned along the way. We are grateful for mountains and oceans, sunsets and bookstores. And we’re also grateful to call Lakeland “home,” and have a life here that we’re excited to get back to. (Most of the work we do can be done from anywhere, but we appreciate the face-to-face interactions with some of our local clients. We’ve missed that.) Did we mention the importance of reliable internet?

Music makes a difference. The right playlist can inspire, soothe, motivate, or just keep us focused on a detailed project. Lakeland also has a growing indie singer/songwriter vibe. Independent singer/songwriters have been hit especially hard by the pandemic, and we enjoy supporting the work of local artists. (Beholder, Jenny Dee, and Kristopher James, are just a few local artists who have been working hard to release new music despite significant challenges.) Don’t forget your local symphony orchestra, too. We’re super excited about the rebranding and upcoming season of the Lakeland Symphony Orchestra. Music brings people together, and we’re grateful for those who pour their time, talent, creativity, and financial resources into making music for the rest of us.

In a pandemic, we would be remiss if we didn’t say thanks to the community heroes: health care workers, first responders, teachers, cashiers, baristas, reporters, and other service workers. The past two years have been tough for everyone, and these fine folks kept our community functioning. Be gentle, patient, and kind to those who show up to do the jobs on which we all depend…kindness matters. (And don’t forget to be kind to yourself, too.) 

So, what's on your gratitude list this holiday season?