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Growth is a goal of every business, whether growth in products/services, clientele, or revenue. However, growing pains are a real thing in every instance. Business growth involves capacity in terms of production, skills, and time, as well as prioritizing profitable work where time = revenue. For us, that means more websites to design, more social media management, more analytics reporting, more marketing strategy consulting, and more hands on deck. 

To accommodate our growth, Metta Digital Marketing is expanding our capacity by expanding our team. While every client continues to have direct communication with owner Amy Dobson, we’ve added some behind the scenes support for our digital marketing tools. 

Meet Jenny Dee. Jenny brings a strong mix of creativity and business acumen to our team. Currently, she is coordinating social media schedules and posts for several clients, while learning the fundamentals of web design. She is also certified in Google Ads and holds an MBA in executive leadership. Some may know Jenny as a singer/songwriter or an amateur athlete. 

Isaac Jeffery is the newest member of our team. As a student intern from Polk State Lakeland Gateway to College Charter High School, Isaac is eager to take on the intricacies of website creation and design. Isaac has previously worked in customer service jobs but has a natural affinity for technology. He also enjoys playing basketball and pickleball. 

Cindy Sternlicht is part of our strategy and content writing team. Her background in public relations, marketing, and crisis/reputation management supplements our consulting work. She particularly enjoys the challenge of SEO blog and web content writing to achieve organic results. Cindy is active in the community, most notably with Good Shepherd Hospice Women of Giving.

While providing part-time support, Jenny, Isaac, and Cindy have expanded Amy’s and Metta Digital Marketing’s capacity for new projects and sustainable growth. Plus, having extra hands, eyes, and insights is always a good thing. 

Just as most businesses had to pivot and adjust to pandemic challenges, digital marketing strategies also changed to accommodate the new norms for reaching targeted audiences. We’re proud to be growing with – and for – our clients.