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Driving without GPS? Or Marketing without a Strategy?

Sure, you market your business online. You built a basic website 5 years ago, have Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and when you have time, you post updates or pictures. Isn’t that what digital marketing is all about? Well, not quite.

As internet usage has grown, it has had a major effect on how people purchase products and services. Busy consumers often prefer to handle business interactions online, so savvy businesses have moved much of their advertising to the internet. Digital marketing simply refers to delivering advertising messages through online channels, or the internet. Broadly speaking, these can be divided into the following categories: 

  • social media marketing 
  • content marketing
  • search engine optimization, or SEO
  • pay-per-click advertising
  • email campaigns
  • mobile marketing
  • marketing analytics

Your website (preferably up to date) and social media pages are “assets” to use in digital marketing, along with logos, blogs, photos/videos, and reviews. Each one is valuable in various aspects of a marketing presence. For example, if you post a blog with a photo on your website, then you can share it on social media and include the content in a targeted email campaign. 

All of that is part of DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY.  

Your digital assets and tools are great, but they are not likely to deliver the highest results unless deployed through an overall digital marketing strategy. Your strategy is the guiding roadmap that includes your: 

  • business goals and challenges
  • description of your key audiences
  • objectives and tactics to address challenges and achieve goals

If your strategy is a roadmap, it’s important to know when and how you will reach your destination. Analyzing campaign results is an ongoing process to determine what tools are most effective, so you can direct budget dollars to those tactics. Analytics reports will help you understand where your customers are finding you, which messages most resonate with your audience, if pay-per-click ads are worth it, and more. 

A digital marketing professional can turn your thoughts and goals into a strategy that works.

At Metta Digital Marketing, we help you establish achievable goals and a plan to reach them. We’ll listen to the outcomes you want to see and discuss the budget you can afford. Services may include:

  • designing your website, as well as optimizing it for mobile
  • developing search engine optimized (SEO) content to increase your site’s visibility 
  • managing your social media with regularly scheduled posts 
  • recommending the right mix of social media for your business
  • preparing email campaigns for your target audience
  • implementing Google Ad campaigns
  • reporting your digital marketing analytics monthly
  • hosting your website to ensure critical updates are made for your site’s security

Bottom line: we’ll help develop your strategy, optimize your digital assets, and monitor your results. 

Learn earn more about our team, our services, and our work here. From website design to analytics reporting, we can support all your digital marketing needs. 

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