2021 Strategic Planning

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Nine months into a pandemic we didn’t expect to last this long, we now know we’ll be starting 2021 with several more months to go. During this time, consumer behavior has changed significantly and in ways that are likely to endure. Your business has probably made shifts in operations, but have your marketing tactics and messaging kept pace? Metta Digital Marketing can help you identify and implement strategies to start the new year strong.

How long has it been since you refreshed your website?

If the answer is more than two years, you should consider updating. New designs and graphic elements can help your business stand out with strong branding. Don’t forget about the value of your mobile presence and ensure your site is mobile-friendly. In addition, content is still a top priority to drive internet searchers to your site. A monthly or bi-monthly blog can boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as well as provide source material for your social media. Don’t let the thought of writing a blog scare you; Metta Digital Marketing has resources for that, too.

What’s new in messaging?

First, your messaging needs to acknowledge the changes you and your customers are experiencing. Ignoring the impact of the pandemic could make your business appear out of touch. With the events of 2020, consumers have shown growing interest in socially and environmentally responsible companies. Do you have a positive message to share about your company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, diversity and inclusion, or ethical mission? Metta Digital Marketing can assist in presenting your story.

Are you actively using social media to engage and retain customers?

People are spending dramatically more time online, including time spent researching products and organizations. The shift in consumerism offers opportunities to engage new customers, as well as retain your existing customer base. Maintaining a robust content plan can overwhelm many small businesses, but Metta Digital Marketing can offer you a plan for regularly scheduled posts that drive your message, engage your customers, and build your brand.

Have you maintained your presence on Google and other directories?

For small businesses with mostly local customers, it’s critical to ensure your listings are current on Google. The Google My Business listing provides information about your address, business hours, website, and services. You can also add photos, respond to reviews, and share updates.

Do you need to better target specific segments of the market for your product or service?

With more people online, 2021 could be the right time to grow your market through more targeted messaging. If your product or services can be purchased online, you can reach customers anywhere. We can help you segment email lists or buy ads to reach specific age groups or locales.

Staying on top of these elements of effective digital marketing can help increase website traffic, generate leads, and grow sales and customer engagement. Start 2021 with a fresh look at your marketing plan. Metta Digital Marketing is ready to help.