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2020 not only changed our daily habits, but the chaotic year also changed the way most of us conduct business and interact as consumers. On-line sales skyrocketed, as people spent more time on social media, streaming services, and videoconferencing. Some of those changes are likely to last, as consumers embraced the convenience and ease of digital purchasing, working, and playing. Check out these digital marketing trends to watch in 2021.

A report from Hootsuite predicts more than half of all businesses (60%) plan to increase their Instagram budget, and almost half are planning to do the same for Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. It also indicates multichannel campaigns tend to have a higher return on investment (ROI) than single media campaigns.

In addition, businesses and brands that successfully pivoted into connecting on social media will want to continue that relationship. Consumers are looking for authentic messaging that inspires trust and loyalty, according to the Hootsuite study. How does your business sincerely connect with your loyal fans? Posts that are funny or provide entertainment value have become highly popular. Social media users are looking for interesting content that speaks to them and fits into the conversation. For example, Senator Bernie Sanders just raised $1.8 million for charity by selling sweatshirts featuring his now-iconic image from the presidential inauguration. On a smaller scale, it might look more like including local images or icons in your posts or addressing local concerns.

In a recent global online survey, 81% of respondents felt that companies have an obligation to improve the environment. Corporate responsibility is strongest among Millennials, Gen Z and Gen X but older generations don’t lag by much. The passion is shared equally across gender lines. For small businesses, this may translate to hosting clean-up days in their community, using “green” products for lawn care and landscaping, sponsoring plant-a-tree campaigns, or changing product packaging to recyclables. Those contributions to sustainability are rich fodder for social media posts and email campaigns. 

Inclusivity also continues to be a large focus, with consumers taking note of brands that represent a diverse market, employee base, or appeal. Those that showcase their commitment to diversity and inclusion, or inclusive causes, will benefit from a deeper connection with consumers and build loyal customers. Content suggestions could include such things as staff profiles or involvement in local diversity-oriented programs. 

It may seem counterintuitive, but 2021 will likely see a reduction in the number of social media channels businesses are actively using. With so many channels available, many companies are taking a hard look at quality and relevance over quantity. It pays off to avoid clutter and build your brand with fewer channels but higher quality content that matches your customer base. Does Pinterest or TikTok actually speak to your audience? 

 Metta Digital Marketing is prepared to help your business make the most of these digital marketing trends. If your business needs an updated website, we can start there. We can define the most effective tools and channels to reach your consumers. We can brainstorm campaigns, recommend strategies, and help you develop relevant content. We can create and place digital ads or email campaigns that target segments of your potential consumer base. Check out our work here and give us a call.